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A Reading List for Understanding Whiteness

From the ArtsBoston Blog...

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Being a white ally to Black Americans affected by racism and police brutality means self-educating and self-interrogating our biases and history. White individuals must start by doing their work and educating ourselves without expecting the Black community to lead the way.

In these nonfiction reads, these authors open doors for readers to learn tools that can be used to stand up for racial injustices. Remember, reading is only one facet crucial to being anti-racist: showing up for Black citizens physically, with civic action, donations, and resources are also necessary actions to take for combat racism.

By Layla F. Saad

Saad takes readers on a 28-day journey to examine whiteness and the true meaning of allyship. Learn how to do the internal work and recognize that “awareness leads to action, and action leads to change.” In following Saad’s plan, readers can start to dismantle their own biases and understand more about what role they play in creating social change.

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