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Adapting to Online Streaming with the Boston Theatre Marathon

From the ArtsBoston Blog...

Fear of the unknown, a perceived lack of control, and the possibility of failure — feelings shared by both astronauts traveling into space and theatre practitioners venturing into the new medium of Zoom. For Boston Playwrights’ Theatre Artistic Director Kate Snodgrass, these fears were palpable as she and her team made the bold choice to take the Boston Theatre Marathon online right as our city started to feel the effects of the pandemic.

The BTM, an annual fundraiser for the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund, is a unique tradition that showcases the work of local playwrights, actors, and the wide range of theatre companies across the Greater Boston Area. In years prior, the event featured 50 plays performed by 50 different theatre companies in 10 hours. Audience members come and go throughout the day, getting a taste of stories that originated within their community.

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