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Our Storied Marsh - excerpt coming soon

Three years after relentless storm surges flooded a coastal city's waterways and displaced over 700,000 people, a recovery task force is sent to determine what land can start to be reinhabited. The group, made up of scientists, a doctor, and a photojournalist, set up camp in one of the city’s theatres, but as they try to evaluate the viability of the city, the theatre itself reveals new truths about how the land should be handled. 

Boston Arts Scene

From 2020-2021, I wrote posts for and managed a guest blogger initiative on the ArtsBoston Blog, focused on showcasing the vibrancy and excellence of Boston's museums, theaters, public art, and music organizations.

From the Rehearsal Room

Posts from the rehearsal process of Wolf Play at Company One Theatre (2020) below were used to unpack themes, give critical context, and provide inspiration and documentation as the creative team built the world of the play.

Theatre In Society

In my personal writing, I dissect current events in the arts and uplift artists whose innovations are making the field a more equitable, accessible place for all. 

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