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Writer, dramaturg, and fundraiser focusing on theatrical art and social justice.

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About Me

About Me

Trained in physical acting, playwriting, and dramaturgy, I take a multifaceted approach to my artistic practice. In my creative writing, I discover what happens when people who are seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them are faced with out-of-this-world events resulting from our society's most pressing conflicts. As a dramaturg, I help artists fully realize the core idea that's at the heart of their work. 

After growing up in New Jersey with a love for reading new and classic plays, I earned my BFA in Theatre Arts in 2018 at Boston University. Since then, I have embedded myself in the art scene of Boston and have worked at organizations including New Repertory Theatre, Company One Theatre, The Huntington Theatre Company, and the art service nonprofit ArtsBoston, where I curated editorial content and promoted local arts events on The ArtsBoston Blog.  ​

When I'm not working or writing, you'll probably find me watching Contact or Moonstruck, and daydreaming about what the Lofi-HipHop Radio Beats raccoon is thinking about. 

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