10 Podcasts to Help Make Your Commitment to Anti-Racism a Long-Term One

From the ArtsBoston Blog...

Podcasts connect listeners directly with journalists, artists, critics, and big thinkers of all kinds. They are a way to digest the world around us while hearing from a diverse range of perspectives. For white individuals, who have always had the privilege of seeing themselves reflected in the media, podcasts can be a great tool to expand our knowledge of race by hearing directly from folks committed to uncovering and dismantling how racism has led to oppression.

Podcasts can also be a long-term tool used to build knowledge and stamina to do the work of anti-racism in everyday moments. In these series, listeners hear from vibrant, intelligent voices not just in response to newsworthy events that have to do with racism, but in conversation about all kinds of topics on which their voices deserve to be heard. Find a podcast that can be your go-to for expanding your knowledge of anti-racism, and stick with it, checking in with yourself throughout the process about how listening to in-depth analysis and conversation is affecting how you see the world.

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