10 Artists Focused on Climate Change and Environmental Justice

From the ArtsBoston Blog...

This week's heatwave is sparking ArtsBoston to think about the effects of climate change, and especially how those changes disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color. COVID-19 has made it harder for many people to find ways to escape the heat, and soaring temperatures can intensify complications due to air pollution. The pandemic has also caused a cacophony of conversation about how humanity's relationship to the environment plays a direct role in public health. There's no doubt that we need environmental justice now, more than ever.

We're bringing several artists to your attention who have had an active voice about climate justice for some time now. These ten creators explore themes of the environment through different mediums and with different goals. Some make public art, others showcase their messages through museums or theatrical performances. But a common thread among them is an intent to incite a visceral reaction from the viewer that prompts them to take action. We hope you spend time reading about each artist's unique goals with promoting environmental justice in their work.

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